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Anchor bracket for putting brake caliper from 2000-2005 FXST

On 73-84 shovelhead  "square" swingarm 

For any 4 speed style  swingarm frame 





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requires 11.5 rotor  41791-79A or equivalent 

Bracket:  $35  

1/2-20 x 4" flat head screw with 3-1/4" long threads:  $14


Stock 2000-2005 FXST caliper will need to be milled down  on the outside (swing arm side) approximately    .360" from 1.360 to 1.030  

Click thumbnails for detail on special bolt for some stock swing arms which is used to hold the brake anchor  and act as a shock stud 


 Y2K_brake 015.JPG (117531 bytes)  Y2K_brake 010.JPG (293844 bytes) Y2K_brake 012.JPG (354347 bytes)

Most after market swing arms have a fully threaded shock mount  so a 3/4 long Flat head  screw  and the stock shock mount bolt can be used

1/2-20x 3/4 Flat head  screw :   $1

Page in progress  

call 641-722-3388 for details 









Works well with 5/8" or 3/4" bore master cylinders  

Common replacement pads 







Installation notes

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call 641-722-3388 for details 







(Instructions in progress)

call for details and ordering info 

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